How To Decrease The Mosquito Population In Your Yard

Enjoying your backyard can be challenging if it is swarming with mosquitoes. While dousing your body in insect repellent can help keep mosquitoes away, the smell may be overpowering or unpleasant to you as well. Fortunately, there are other things you can do to keep mosquitoes at bay so that you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors. Keep Up With Backyard Maintenance Making sure that your grass is mowed, weeds are removed, and bushes are trimmed, will help cut down on the mosquito population in your yard.

Dormancy In The Life Of Bloodsucking Pests: Why Their Rest Period Is Longer Than Yours

Some people assume that the best bed bug treatment, or any treatment for bloodsucking pests, is to leave the place where the creatures are. Sure, that generally makes good sense, but if even one pregnant female bug travels with you, you cannot get away. Lice travel on the body. Bed bugs have been known to crawl into suitcases. Then there is the small issue with the dormancy period. You read that correctly; parasites have a dormancy period.