Signs You Have Raccoons On Your Property

Do you have a raccoon problem on your property? You may not realize right away that you have this crafty creature invading your private space, but once you get wind of this type of invasion, you won't be able to easily turn away. Here are signs you have a raccoon on your property. Where you have one, you likely have others, so be prepared. Also, you should never try to get rid of raccoons on your own since they can bite or be very dangerous. A pest control specialist will get rid of the creatures for you.

You have garbage all messed up

Do you have garbage all over the place? Are you always picking up trash outside your home, or do you notice that the bags or cans of trash have been chewed on, knocked over, or otherwise tampered with? Dogs and cats can also be getting into your garbage cans, but raccoons may be the more likely critter if you have your bags and cans carefully stashed outside, and they are penetrated anyhow. Raccoons are known for both their tenacity and their dexterity.

You have pet foods scattered or eaten

Do you keep pet food on your property, such as cat food, dog food, or even chicken feed and other types of food, and the food is getting eaten rapidly? Raccoons are skilled foragers so they will eat what they can find. You will be able to tell if it's a raccoon if you pay attention to the eating habits of the unknown creature, such as the food is only being stolen at night or the treats are only snagged when the porch lights are off. Raccoons are stealthy, clever, but also shy and won't try to take advantage if they think they will be caught.

You have evidence of raccoons

Raccoons may be leaving behind signs of their presence that you at first mistake for a canine, such as scat, scratches or claw marks in wooden railings, and other things. However, when you look into the signs on a more delicate level, you'll see that most of the scratches are actually groove-like in their appearance and have more precision than a dog might do. The best thing to do is hire a pest control specialist to get rid of your offending pests for you and help you rather than trying to capture or eliminate your raccoon problem on your own.

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