How To Decrease The Mosquito Population In Your Yard

Enjoying your backyard can be challenging if it is swarming with mosquitoes. While dousing your body in insect repellent can help keep mosquitoes away, the smell may be overpowering or unpleasant to you as well. Fortunately, there are other things you can do to keep mosquitoes at bay so that you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors.

Keep Up With Backyard Maintenance

Making sure that your grass is mowed, weeds are removed, and bushes are trimmed, will help cut down on the mosquito population in your yard. Clearing shrubbery overgrowth where mosquitoes love to hide, along with spraying your foliage with a non-toxic mosquito repellent, will also help with abatement.

Use Repellent Sprays Or Candles

Citronella candles and torches can also help keep mosquitoes and other flying insects from ruining your backyard barbecues; however, they can have a strong odor that may persist even after the flames have been extinguished.

Commercial eucalyptus sprays can also be used to discourage mosquitoes from infesting your backyard. These can be purchased at your local home improvement center. If you prefer, you make your own eucalyptus spray by placing a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil into a spray bottle filled with water. 

Remove Standing Water

Not only are mosquitoes attracted to standing water, but they may also lay their eggs in it. If your child enjoys splashing around in a kiddie pool, make sure you empty it every day so that standing water does not attract mosquitoes. Also, if you have any kind of in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, make sure that it is regularly maintained by a pool service technician. When backyard pools are maintained with the proper cleaning and chemicals, algae growth and other microorganism proliferation will be eliminated so that they do not attract mosquitoes.

It is also important that you cover your pool when it is not in use so that mosquitoes cannot get into the water. Also make sure that your pool's filter is in good repair, as this will help reduce the risk of mosquito infestation. 

Contact Pest Control Services

If the above methods of mosquito abatement fail to reduce the insect population in your backyard, schedule an appointment with a pest control services technician. He or she will evaluate your property and suggest the most effective ways to keep mosquitoes at bay. Companies that offer pest control services can provide you with many options for mosquito control, including pesticides, landscaping maintenance suggestions, proper placement of outdoor oscillating fans, and lighting options such as "bug lights," that may repel mosquitoes. Contact a company like Southern Greens Pest Control to learn more about what options are available to you in order to keep mosquitoes and other pests at bay.