Do You Have Mice? How You Can Get Rid Of Them

Sure, reading children’s books about the three blind mice or even Stewart Little can make the thought of mice sound kind of cute and almost magical, but if you actually have mice in your house, then it can seem like a whole other story. Whether you have seen one mouse or several mice, you should make sure that you get rid of them right away because they can carry diseases and are just an overall nuisance to have around.

2 Essential Solutions To Prevent Roaches In Your Home

Seeing any type of insect or rodent in your home is frightening, but the sight of a cockroach can induce a great deal of fear and panic. Roaches will infest any type of home, no matter how clean or dirty it is, but most people will fear their home is dirty if they see one of these bugs. These pests are also very unique, since they can live without a head for an extended period of time.

Three Pest Control Services You Need After Planting a Garden

Planting a garden can be a fulfilling yet relaxing job. Gardens provide beautiful spaces to sit and look or even to prune when you are looking for a relaxing day outside. Though growing plants and flowers is beautiful, you will have to deal with some issues that are not so pretty. Pests are often attracted to gardens and greenery. If you want the garden without the new animals, here are three pest control services that you should get after your garden is planted.

Signs You Need A Termite Inspection

Termite inspections may seem like an unnecessary expense, but if you’ve ever had the alternative–a termite infestation–you know that regular inspections are an absolute necessity. But how often should you have these inspections, and how can you tell when one is needed? Here are four signs you need a termite inspection. 1. You’re buying a home Anytime you’re buying a house, you can’t rely on the seller’s good faith. Not only is it totally possible for them to lie to you about the house’s condition, but there could also be a lot they don’t know about the house.

German Cockroaches-Signs Of An Infestation And How To Get Rid Of Them

German cockroaches are the most common type of household cockroaches. German cockroaches are experienced hitchhikers that typically first get into buildings by hiding in boxes, furniture and even potatoes and bags from the grocery store. Once German (or any species for that matter) cockroaches have infested your home, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them. If you notice one cockroach, there are probably thousands more hiding throughout your home.

Why You Should Not Tackle Pest Control On Your Own

If you suspect, or have even confirmed, that you have a problem with pests of some kind, you will want to get in touch with a company for pest control services. This is not one of those problems that you want to tackle on your own as a home owner and here are a few reasons why.  You May Not Reach All Of The Right Places Different types of pests have different habits when it comes to where they roam and where they nest.

How To Reduce Your Risk Of Carrying Home Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have a reputation for being hard to get rid of. It often requires working with a pest control expert to get an infestation under control, and even then it can be difficult if your home has a lot of the bugs. A pest control company can use pesticides, heat, or dry ice to kill the bugs and it can be time-consuming and costly. While it may not be possible to completely avoid bringing bed bugs home, you can take the following two steps to reduce your risk of an infestation and save yourself from the difficult task of removing them.

Educational Facilities Management: 3 Steps To Handle A Bat Control Problem At Your School

Schools are meant to be a safe place where children can learn and play. However, educational buildings often have multiple factors in place that tend to draw pests indoors. Unfortunately, a bat problem places the health and safety of every person on the property at risk since these mammals are known carriers of diseases such as rabies. At the first sign of a bat problem, take these steps to get the issue under control.