Signs You Need A Termite Inspection

Termite inspections may seem like an unnecessary expense, but if you've ever had the alternative--a termite infestation--you know that regular inspections are an absolute necessity. But how often should you have these inspections, and how can you tell when one is needed? Here are four signs you need a termite inspection.

1. You're buying a home

Anytime you're buying a house, you can't rely on the seller's good faith. Not only is it totally possible for them to lie to you about the house's condition, but there could also be a lot they don't know about the house. This is why you need a home inspection when you're thinking of buying, as well as other specialized inspections such as a roof inspection, septic inspection, and termite inspection.

2. You own a home that's susceptible to termites

Some homes have better defenses against termites than others do. If your home has never had termite protection built in, you may have a perfect habitat for termites just sitting there with open arms. Even if you don't see any termites, you'll want to have a complete inspection performed. Signs your home may be vulnerable include:

  • There's wood on the exterior that's less than 6 inches from the soil line
  • Any of the exterior is made of untreated wood
  • There's a deck, woodpile, or brush pile near the house
  • The attic vents aren't covered with termite-proof wire mesh

3. You see signs of bugs

Termites often leave visible evidence of their infestation, especially if it's a bad one. For example, you may see flying termites during certain times of year when termites are swarming. If you see multiple swarmers inside your house, or if you see their discarded wings lying around, it's almost positive that you have termites. However, flying ants look similar and if you just see one, it's possible it could be a flying ant that simply came in the door with you by mistake.

And termites may leave frass lying around your home. Frass just means piles of termite droppings: tiny black or brown pellets that look like tiny seeds or eggs. 

4. It's been two years since the last inspection

To be on the safe side, every homeowner living in termite territory should have regular termite inspections. After all, your house may be the biggest investment of your life; you're investing not just money, but time, energy, and emotional attachment in it. So keep up your termite inspections every two years or so.

These four signs can help you decide whether it's time to call the termite exterminators, such as from EMCO Pest Control, for an inspection. While they're at your house, be sure to ask them for advice on steps you can take to make your home less vulnerable to termite attack.