Three Pest Control Services You Need After Planting a Garden

Planting a garden can be a fulfilling yet relaxing job. Gardens provide beautiful spaces to sit and look or even to prune when you are looking for a relaxing day outside. Though growing plants and flowers is beautiful, you will have to deal with some issues that are not so pretty. Pests are often attracted to gardens and greenery. If you want the garden without the new animals, here are three pest control services that you should get after your garden is planted. 

1. Place rodent traps and spray for pests

Rodents are some of the most unsightly creatures who are attracted to your garden. Some areas are plagued with mice and field rats, depending on the area surrounding the homes. If your area has rodents, including an abundance of squirrels, you can get rid of them by setting traps outside of your perimeter. These traps will not allow the pets inside of your yard and will cause them to have to turn around. Have your pest control service place substances around your yard that will cause the rodents to want to stay out and go back to their natural habitat. 

2. Keep the insects away

Some insects, such as bees and butterflies, are good to have in a garden. Other insects, such as beetles and spiders, can damage your garden and make it difficult to keep a clean space. These insects are likely to feast on your flowers or string spider webs around that make the garden look unsightly. Have your pest control company spray around the area of your garden to keep away beetles and other insects that can trash your garden. Make sure that the spray will not harm your flowers and will not kill any bees, which are endangered in some areas

3. Use disease control

One of the worst issues with rodents and insects is the diseases that the animals tend to carry. The diseases can cause you, your pets, and your flowers to get sick. To stave off illness from the living things in your household, you should ask your pest control to spray disease control products around. Be sure that the products match up with the typical pests that are found in your area. This way, even if you notice one or two pests around your plants, you will be assured that they cannot spread any unnecessary diseases around your home. Be sure to have the disease spraying done every season when the flowers start to bloom.

​Contact your local pest control company to help you maintain your beautiful garden.