Important Safety Tips To Remember If You Find Unidentified Snakes

The majority of snake species are completely harmless. However, there are a handful of venomous and more aggressive types of snakes that can pose a safety risk if you find one on your property. Therefore, any time you find an unidentified snake in or around your home, it is important to keep your safety in mind.

Thankfully, a wild animal removal company can help you capture and relocate the snake to a safer place. However, as you wait for help to arrive, you may be curious about what to do or if you should be concerned. Take a look at a few important safety tips to keep in mind when dealing with an unidentified snake. 

Try to Identify the Snake If Possible (from Afar)

The more you can learn about the snake, the more details you can share with the animal removal company when you call. However, you can also determine what steps you should take to stay out of harm's way if you can identify the snake's species. Keep your distance—never get within striking distance or approach the snake. See if you can zoom in from a distance and snap a picture of the snake or get a peek at some of its features. A few features to look for to help with identification include:  

  • The snake's color
  • The snake's skin pattern 
  • The shape of the snake's head or eyes 

Also, pay close attention to any noise you hear coming from the snake. For example, if you hear rattling, you will know you are dealing with some type of rattlesnake, which can be venomous. 

Keep Your Pets and Children Away (At All Times)

Even if you do suspect the snake is harmless, be sure to keep pets and small children away from the area. Both can venture too close to the animal, which can cause the snake to feel threatened and try to attack the encroaching suspect with a strike or a bite. The area surrounding the snake should be carefully monitored and your children and pets should be kept as far away from the snake as possible until the animal removal service arrives. 

Never Try to Pick Up the Snake (Even with a Stick or Tool) 

If the snake is in your home, on your porch, or in some place near your living quarters, you may be tempted to try to move the snake. However, doing so is never recommended, especially if you are not sure what kind of snake you are dealing with. Likewise, don't try to move the snake with a stick, broom handle, or any other tool. If the snake is in a part of your home that you cannot avoid, it may be best to leave temporarily until help arrives. 

For more information on wild animal removal, contact a professional near you.