Think You Have Voles In Your Yard? How To Know For Sure And How To Get Them Out

Voles are tiny rodents that look much like a mouse, but they live outside instead of inside a home. If you have a garden or a yard, voles can cause a lot of damage, especially if you have a lot of them. Keep reading for signs that you have voles and tips to get them out of your yard. 

Signs You Have Voles

Voles dig tunnels under the ground that are deep enough to gain access to your plants' roots. The tunnels criss-cross and allow the voles to travel quickly throughout a yard or garden. 

If you have voles, you will see paths on the surface of your garden or yard. The paths are usually a few inches wide. You will also see small holes all over the yard and/or garden where the voles burrow. These are generally near plants or the base of your trees. 

If you have a lot of flowers, vegetables, or young trees dying, this is a big sign that you have voles. If left untreated, they can kill all plants and flowers in your yard, as well as all the vegetables in your garden. 

Contact Pest Control

You can try to remove voles on your own, but hiring a pest control company is the fastest way. 

They will first do an inspection of your yard to make sure you have voles. This also helps them determine where the voles live. They look for the paths and burrows, as well as areas of your lawn and/or gardens that are damaged.

They often use traps to catch the voles to remove them. They will also ask you to make modifications in your yard. If you have a lot of voles, the pest control company may use poison to kill them. They have poisons that will not damage the lawn, flowers, or vegetables. The voles eat the poison and take it back to their nest. 

Once the voles are eliminated, the pest control company may set up trap and bait stations to control any voles that might come along in the future. These baits and traps will be kept in place for a few weeks in many cases. The pest control contractor will then return to your home to ensure you no longer have voles. 

The pest control company will give you many tips on what to change in your yard to help prevent the voles from coming back again.

For more information about pest control services, contact a local company.