Mud Tubes Are A Sign That You Have Termites

Termites are one of the worst pests to encounter in your home. A termite infestation can lead to serious damage to your property as they consume wood and compromise the structural integrity of your building. If you have a termite infestation, one thing you might notice is the formation of mud tubes.

Why Termites Form Mud Tubs

Termites form mud tubes as a way to travel from one location to another in your home. The tubes are meant to provide shelter to protect termites from the elements. For example, they make sure that the humidity remains consistent for the termites. They are also meant to protect termites from predators. 

How Mud Tubes Are Made

These small mud tunnels are constructed by termites with their spit, dirt, soil, and wood. They slowly construct the tunnel by placing this mixture on a surface. The tubes allow the termites to more easily travel to a location that they are currently infesting. Termites love to construct mud tubes inside a home because these tubes are easily destroyed when they are constructed outside. 

How to Identify a Mud Tube

You might have a difficult time determining if you are looking at a mud tube or if it is simply a hole.  Even if you check the inside of the hole, and find it to be empty, don't assume that there are no termites since they might be in another area of your home.

If you discover mud tubes, it's important to take them very seriously. If termites are able to infest your home, they will quickly create irreversible damage and your home will need to undergo substantial repairs.

Eliminate Termites for Good

A termite control service will perform a thorough inspection to find out exactly what each hole is and will take the appropriate actions if they determine that the holes are mud tubes. Termite control specialists can use special insecticidal foam that can be sprayed inside the tubes. This foam leaves a residue behind to kill termites.

Another method used to eliminate termites is to place special stakes in the ground that are meant to attract determines. The stakes contain inside them poisons that are meant to kill the termites. The termites are not able to detect the insecticide and will consume it as they eat the wood. For this to be effective, the bait must be placed around the perimeter of your home. 

Contact a local pest control company for more information.