How To Test For Radon In Your Home

Are you concerned about the radon levels in your home, and not sure how to test for it? If so, you'll want to know about three different ways that you can test your home for radon.

Carbon Test Kits

You can test for radon on your own by using a carbon test kit. It works by placing the test kit in your home and letting it absorb the air for a couple days. You then send the test kit to a lab, where they will analyze it and determine the radon levels in your home. These kits can be purchased at your local home improvement store, and using one is a relatively cheap way to test for radon. 

Make sure you carefully read the directions for any carbon radon test that you use. There may be limitations to the square footage of the room you are testing in, or unique directions on where to place the test kit. 

Radon Detectors

There are radon detectors that can give you a digital readout of what your radon levels currently are in your home. They remain plugged into an electrical outlet since they require power at all times, and can even notify your phone via Bluetooth if the device detects high radon levels. They are easy to use and fairly accurate, but they can fall out of calibration over time. If this happens, you'll need to get a new radon detector.

Professional Testing

You also have the option to have professional radon testing done at your home. They test for radon by placing several devices in your home that will measure the radon levels over time. These are much more accurate than the carbon tests or radon detectors that you can purchase as a consumer, so know that they are not the same tools. The inspector will then interpret the data to determine if you have radon levels that are too high.

The nice thing about working with a professional is that they can help come up with a solution about how to deal with high radon levels. For example, they can help with encapsulating a crawl space so that radon cannot seep into your home. 

Once the mitigation efforts are in place, a professional can also help continuously monitor for radon in your home. This includes placing radon detectors that will alert you if radon levels are too high, and coming back out to your home for routine inspections. 

If you want home radon-level inspections done on your property, contact a professional testing service.