Have Mice In Your Home? Know These Tips For Placing Traps

One pest nobody wants to have in their home is mice. Not only do they cause damage and eat your food, but they can spread diseases through your home through the surfaces that they walk on. If you have decided to use traps to try to catch them, then here are some tips to ensure that you do it the right way.

Pick The Right Bait

You probably have the idea that the best way to bait a mouse trap is with a block of cheese, based on what you have seen in cartoons for years. However, cheese is not going to get the job done as well as other types of bait could. However, you may find that your bait is missing and the trap does not go off.

A common technique is to use a sticky substance like peanut butter. You can put a small amount on the trap to attract the mice, and the stickiness of the peanut butter means that they are not going to be able to grab the food and run away. They need to stop and lick the food, which means they are more likely to set the trap off while sitting there.

If your mice are finding ways to eat the bait without setting the trap off, then you will need to find a different way to get them to set off the trap. Try using glue to attach a hard piece of food, like dry cat food or dog food, directly to the mechanism that sets off the trap. The mouse will be more likely to trigger the trap by working hard to get the food off of it.

Select The Proper Placement

Placing the trap properly is equally important since you want to place the trap in an area where mice are likely to find it. Consider putting the trap along exterior walls where you have seen mice droppings, which is a huge sign that they have been in the area. The trick to putting down the mouse trap is to put the bait side toward the wall. The mouse is going to then notice it as the hug the wall, and be more likely to set off the trap. 

If it seems like there are an endless amount of mice entering your home, then you shouldconsider contacting a pest control specialist to help take care of it for you.