How To Ensure Pest-Free Barbecues This Summer

Summer is approaching, and along with the nice weather will come the usual pests. Pests like rodents, birds, insects, and spiders live close to humans because people often indirectly provide them with the resources they need to survive. During a barbecue, pests are an unwanted nuisance for you and your guests. It helps to prepare in advance to keep pests away from your party.

If you plan to enjoy some barbecues on your property this year, and you want to keep pests away, the following tips can help.

Hire a pest controller to identify possible issues

A good time to hire a pest controller is in the spring or early summer, before the numbers of pests peak. A pest controller can inspect your property and identify areas that might attract or harbor pests. You can then take measures to prevent pests from infesting those areas before barbecue season begins.

Trim your garden well

Overgrown gardens bring more pests. This is true for long grass, bushes, and trees, all of which can harbor pests. Eliminate pest-hiding places by keeping your garden and yard well-trimmed in the time running up to summer.

Eliminate standing water sources

Mosquitoes breed quickly in areas with stagnant water. Before summer arrives, remove sources of stagnant water that might accommodate these pests and their larvae. This will help cut down on the number of mosquitoes.

Locate flowering plants away from your barbecue area

Flowering plants bring stinging insects like bees and wasps to an area. In a garden dedicated to nature, this is fine. But you don't want these stinging pests bothering you and your guests as you enjoy your barbecue. Plan your garden so that any flowering plants are away from the areas where you intend to entertain your guests.

Ensure you dispose of waste in covered bins

Rats, mice, wasps, and flies love uncovered garbage bins. It's best to use covered bins to dispose of your trash long before summer arrives. This will ensure that pests don't frequent your yard as a food source. If pests are already using your bins to feed before summer, then they could become a real nuisance during a barbecue.  

Get rid of outdoor clutter

Pests of all shapes and sizes use clutter to build their nests, from wasps to rats. Keep clutter out of your yard to prevent infestations from occurring before the barbecue weather arrives.

If your backyard will be the scene of many barbecues this year, keep these tips in mind when considering pest control. Contact a pest control company for more information.