About Termite Bait Systems

If you have termites in your home, then it is crucial that you have a pest control company come out to get rid of the termites for you. Trying to get rid of termites on your own is a very bad idea. Termites are known for being very hard to get rid of for homeowners and you won't know for sure that you have got rid of all of them If you take the chance and try to get rid of them on your own and you fail, then you are taking the risk of allowing them to do a lot more damage to your house and they can completely destroy your home. A pest control company may use a termite bait system and here is how they work: 

How baiting works

A colony of termites includes the worker termites. These are the termites that leave and do the work, then return to the colony. What happens to the worker termites when they are working can directly affect the queens. The queen and the secondary queens are responsible for laying the eggs that make the colony grow. 

When bait is put out by the pest control company, the worker termites will consume the bait. The termites will also share the bait with the other termites in the colony. This will cause the termites to die. Also, as more of the worker termites die who directly consumed the bait, more termites will take over their jobs and this will cause those termites to end up at the bait station, where they too will get into the bait and consume it, as well as bring it back to share with the others. While the worker termites will be the first to die, the rest of them will as well. Either they will all end up eventually consuming the bait and dying from it, or the rest will end up starving when there are no worker termites left to bring back anything for them to consume. 

The benefits of termite baiting

One of the benefits of having a pest control company use termite control bait system is that it can be used in areas where other pesticides are not allowed to be used. Also, it is preferred by many because the bait systems go underground, where the termites will be more likely to come into contact with them. Another benefit to bait systems is while they can take a little longer to start killing the termites, they will continue to do so as more termites get into the bait.