Not Sure What To Do With The Family Of Squirrels In Your Attic? What You Should Do To Get Rid Of The Problem

If you're facing an invasion of squirrels on your property, the first thing you should do is contact your local pest control company. You might be wondering what a pest control company can do to eradicate your squirrel problem. Exterminators are equipped to handle all types of rodent infestation problems, including those furry little squirrels. Squirrels might be fun to watch from a distance, but once they invade your home and property, they can do quite a bit of damage. For instance, they can chew on your electrical wiring, they can destroy the insulation in your attic, and they can even chew through the siding on your home. An exterminator will be able to take the necessary measures to eradicate the problem. However, you'll still need to take a few steps to make sure they don't come back:

Remove All the Entry Points

When it comes to the local squirrel community, they have a wide variety of ways to gain access to your home. If you're going to keep them away, you need to remove those entry points. Begin by clearing away the brush from around the perimeter of your home, especially shrubbery that they can hide in. Trim all the branches that hang over the roof of your home. You should also wrap thin sheet metal around the lower portion of your tree trunks. The metal will prevent squirrels from climbing your trees or damaging the bark. Be sure to leave the sheet metal loose enough to prevent damage to your bark, and to allow for growth. Place mesh screens over the tops of your rooftop plumbing vents, and over your chimney opening. It's also important that you seal attic windows to prevent access from that point, as well.

Take Away Their Food

Squirrels will look for any type of food to survive on through the winter. If they find access to food in your yard, they'll invade. To keep them away, you should take away their access to food. You can do that by moving your pet food bowls to the garage, storing pet food in sturdy, plastic containers, and keeping the lids on your trash cans. If you have fruit trees, you should pick the fruit before it has a chance to fall to the ground.

Maintain Pest Control Services

You may think that one visit by the exterminator will be sufficient to control the squirrel problem. However, if you want to make sure they stay away, you should maintain your pest control services. Not only will they keep the squirrels away, but they'll also be able to keep other rodents away, such as gophers, rats, and mice.

Contact your local rodent control services for more information and assistance.