The Search For Bed Bugs: What To Look For If You Think You Have Them In Your Home

Have you recently found out that your workplace is infested with bed bugs? Now that the problem has been discovered at work, your boss may be taking the right steps to control the situation. However, you may be concerned that you've brought some of these bugs home with you at some point. It's true that bed bugs can and will travel on bags as well as on clothing, so there's a possibility you now have them in your home. You'll need to know what you're looking for to determine if you have them at home or not.

Start the Search For Live Bugs

Not everyone has a reaction to the bed bug bites, so the best way to figure out if you have a problem is to look for the bugs. Once you're home, head over to your bed and look at your bed sheet. Do you see any bugs walking on the sheet? If not, pull the sheet off of your mattress and start checking the mattress. You'll want to flip it over so that you're checking both sides for any live bugs. Most bed bugs are a dark brown color, although some younger bugs may be lighter if they haven't had a blood meal yet. If you don't spot anything on your mattress, remove the mattress and check the box spring for any movement.

After checking the bed, look on the floor, against the walls, and even between your furniture. Remove couch and love-seat cushions, look under them, and even unzip the cushions to check inside of them if you're able to. If you find any kind of bug while searching, place it into a small plastic container with a lid or a sealed sandwich bag for the time being.

Look Around For Bed Bug Eggs

Just because you're not spotting a live bug doesn't mean there aren't bed bugs in the home. While you're searching for live bugs, you should look around for the bed bug eggs as well. These eggs are often found in clusters. They're typically smaller than the average piece of rice and are usually white. However, they're not always easy to see. While you're searching for any eggs, use a flashlight and have a magnifying glass in your hand to get a better view.

If you happen to spot live bugs or eggs, you'll need to get help from a pest control company. These pests are often incredibly challenging to remove from a home, especially if you don't have much experience dealing with them. It would be better for you to hire expert help to solve your bed bug problem. If you haven't spotted any live bugs or eggs, but you're still concerned because you've been bitten by some sort of insect in your home, you could contact the pest control company and ask them to inspect your property.