Concerned About Your Neighbor's Termite Problem? 3 Signs Of An Infestation To Check For In Your Home

You love your neighborhood and consider your home to be your prized possession. Yet, you recently found out that your neighbor is dealing with termites, and this leaves you worried about your house having an infestation, too. Naturally, this means that you now know that termites reside in close proximity to your home, and identifying an infestation early is the only way to protect your house from major structural damage. As you check your house, look for these three signs that a professional inspection should be arranged right away.

Listen for Sounds Coming from the Walls

Termites tend to lurk deep within the wooden parts of your house, which means that you rarely see them unless they are swarming. However, large infestations generate sounds that you may be able to hear. Turn off any noisy appliances such as the television, and listen at the walls. If you hear sounds such as tiny knocks or scratches, then it is time to call a termite exterminator to find out if an infestation has already started.

Check for Mud Tubes Around the Exterior of Your House

Subterranean termites use small tunnels to get from the house to food and water sources. You will notice these tunnels as small, pencil thin tubes that run along the foundation and exterior walls of your house. You can tell if these are active tunnels by breaking off a piece and checking later to see if the termites have repaired it. Termite extermination is also in order if you see any small, white ant-like insects traveling along these tunnels.

Inspect for Damage to Wooden Surfaces

Termites are tiny insects, and it is not always easy to see the damage to your house until you start to inspect the wood carefully. For instance, you might see tiny holes on wood parts of your house, or you might hear a hollow sound when you knock on a piece of wood that indicates the damage is on the inside. As you inspect for damage, keep an eye out for frass. This substance looks like sawdust and is the excrement of termites that they push out of the entrances to their colonies as they chew through the wood. Any evidence of damage caused by a wood-boring insect is a strong reason to seek termite extermination as soon as possible.

Although it is possible for termites to invade one house and leave another one alone, it is always best to err on the side of caution by having your house professionally inspected for termites. This way, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have done everything you can to protect your favorite possession.