Take Control Of The Pigeon Problem At Your Drive-Thru Restaurant And Outdoor Dining Area

If you own a drive-thru restaurant that includes an outdoor dining area and pigeons have been spotted lately, resulting in unsightly bird droppings and feathers on tables and the ground, take control of the pigeon problem by deterring pests from continuing to stay on your property with the steps below. 


  • ladder
  • tree pruners
  • rake
  • shop vacuum cleaner
  • shovel
  • disinfectant
  • detergent
  • water
  • cleaning cloths
  • tape measure
  • plastic bird spike strips
  • screws
  • power drill
  • shiny banners
  • twine
  • scissors
  • windchimes

Prune Trees And Clean The Property And Dining Area

Pruning tree branches that are growing near the outdoor dining area will eliminate spots for pigeons to land while they attempt to observe the property from an elevated height. Secure a ladder next to trees and use a pair of standard pruning shears to trim overgrown branches. Rake the loose debris from the ground and use a shop vacuum cleaner's hose to collect loose pieces of food and pigeon feathers that have fallen underneath tables.

Use a shovel to collect branch sections and dispose of them. Dampen a cleaning cloth with disinfectant and soapy water. Move the cloth across nonporous surfaces, including tabletops and seats. After eliminating food sources, pigeons won't be as likely to linger on your property.

Install Bird Spikes And Hang Shiny Decorations

If pigeons were spotted roosting on fencing or underneath your establishment's rooftop, installing bird spikes will make it impossible for the birds to utilize these spaces. Measure the surfaces that you wish to cover with bird spikes. Purchase plastic bird spike strips. Line up each strip with the surface being covered. Use a power drill to secure screws through the edges of each strip.

If an awning or canopy covers the outdoor dining area, hang a couple shiny banners from the covering. Banners that announce the hours that your business is open or specials that you are currently offering will inform customers of current policies. Shiny banners will also assist with preventing pigeons from becoming a nuisance. Pigeons and many other types of birds and animals do not like shiny objects. If pigeons see reflective material, they may become frightened and fly away.

Use pieces of twine to secure the corners of the banners to the awning or canopy. Hang sets of chimes that contain shiny objects from the canopy that covers the drive-thru. The chimes will also assist with scaring off pigeons to ensure that your outdoor establishment remains pest-free.

If these methods don't work, reach out to a commercial pest extermination professional to help you.