A Few Bugs Kept Under Control With Regular Pest Control Service

While you may think of pest control service as a way to keep roaches and ants out of your home, having regular treatments is actually a great way to keep bothersome pests off your patio and out of your yard too. An exterminator helps you control all kinds of bugs including mosquitoes, ticks, silverfish, and spiders. So, you may associate house pests with roaches, but your home can be invaded by a variety of insects that give you problems. Here are a few pests you may encounter:


Silverfish are funny looking bugs that are very destructive to your paper items. They're attracted to dampness, so they love to live in the basement or in upper levels where the humidity is high. These bugs are disturbing due to their appearance, and they can ruin anything you own that's made from natural fabric or paper. This includes paintings in frames, important documents, photographs, and your favorite wool sweater.


An earwig is another odd bug with a frightening appearance. They're harmless to humans as long as you leave them alone. They have long pincers and they might attack you in self-defense if you bother them. These bugs tend to stay outdoors, but they'll move in if you have a water leak and damp wood in your house. They like to eat plants and basically hide in dark, damp spots during the day. You're most likely to encounter them on your patio when you move potted plants or furniture around.


You know how annoying mosquitoes are when they take over your yard. All that's needed is a little bit of stagnant water to support their life cycle and your yard will turn into a breeding ground for these pests. Mosquitoes carry diseases, so they're not only annoying, they can be dangerous to have in your yard.


You usually see moths circling outdoor lights at night, however, they can move into your house too and cause trouble for you. Some moths like to eat fabric and they'll ruin your clothes by chewing holes in them. Other moths prefer to attack your food pantry and they can ruin food in boxes and sacks.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are another very destructive pest to have in your home. The problem with these creatures is that they can multiply quickly and begin their destruction without you being aware of their presence. The adult beetles would rather eat plants, so they aren't as much trouble as the larvae that live in your carpet, furniture, and closets. The larvae will chew on natural fibers and they can do a lot of damage to your clothes and upholstered furniture.

These are just a few of the pests that can invade your home or yard under the right conditions. Some, like termites, do a lot of damage while others, like noisy crickets, just annoy you. You can prevent most insect infestations by having regular pest control treatments. When an infestation of any bug is underway, professional pest control is the quick and safe way to get rid of the bugs before they destroy your belongings or your home.

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