Three Ways To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay In Your Yard

When your children go out to play, you want them to be as safe and comfortable as they can be at all times. During the spring and summer months, mosquitoes can take away from the joy of outdoor play. If you want your children to be able to enjoy playing outdoors without having to put bug spray on them, use the guide below to learn how to create a space that deters mosquitoes so your children can play comfortably outdoors.

Plant Mosquito Repelling Flowers Around the Perimeter of the Play Space

There are certain flowers that you can plant around the perimeter of the play space to keep mosquitoes away from your children while they play. Lavender, bee balm, and marigolds are all beautiful plants that create a scent mosquitoes cannot stand. They are easy to maintain and they grow in varying heights, creating a diverse look when they are fully grown.

Remove All Buckets, Bird Baths, and Pools from the Vicinity

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. If you want to keep mosquitoes at bay, you need to remove their breeding grounds. Remove any buckets, bird baths, pools or anything else that can fill with water when it rains. The less places the mosquitoes have to breed, the less likely your yard will be taken over by them.

Hire Professionals to Treat Your Yard

If you notice that you still have mosquitoes near the play space after you have planted the flowers and removed any possibly breeding grounds, considering hiring a residential pest control service to treat your yard to get rid of the mosquitoes. The pest control technician will have treatments that are safe for use around your children and your pets. The treatments will treat not only the living mosquitoes, but also any eggs that have not yet hatched. This ensures that your yard is as mosquito-free as it can possibly be.

If you choose to hire a pest control company to help you keep the mosquitoes away, it is best to get your home treated every year. The treatments need to be reapplied to ensure that they work as well as they possibly can. If you notice that any mosquitoes after the yard has been treated, contact the company right away so they can come back out and treat your yard again. This will ensure that your yard is always safe and comfortable for you and your family.