4 Ways To Prevent Bed Bugs After Treatment

Tackling a bed bug infestation is something that most people wouldn't wish on their worst enemies. It's also an experience that no one wants an encore performance of. It goes without saying that prevention is the best policy when dealing with bed bugs, especially after the time and effort taken to exterminate them.

But bed bugs can be stubborn creatures to deal with and it's not unusual for a second infestation to follow a first. By following the tips listed below, you can keep your bed bug problem from coming back with a vengeance.

Vacuum Thoroughly

Your vacuum cleaner can be your new best friend when it comes to preventing reoccurring infestations. Use it to vacuum areas where previous infestations have occurred, including the various folds of mattresses and box springs. Don't forget to vacuum the area where the floor and walls meet, as well as around electrical outlets. 

Make sure you use a vacuum that uses bags instead of canisters. Canisters can be awkward to remove and empty, plus they can allow live bed bugs to escape.

Cut Back on the Clutter

Having a bunch of junk lying around might seem harmless, but a cluttered environment can also harbor bed bugs. The clutter also makes it harder to get rid of any existing infestations, so it's usually a good idea to eliminate as much of it as possible. Start by organizing and storing the belongings you want to hold onto in boxes or sturdy plastic containers.

For the stuff you don't need, you can either dispose of it or donate it. If you do decide to donate your belongings, make sure they're bed bug-free, first.

Invest in Routine Inspections

You should have your pest control specialist conduct routine inspections for bed bugs, as well as preventive treatment for other types of pests. Your pest control specialist is better equipped to deal with a potential re-infestation before the bed bugs can begin their second act.

Learn From Your Experience

Battling through a bed bug infestation can be a harsh, yet valuable learning experience. For example, the experience has likely made you wary of bringing second-hand furniture or electronics into your home without a thorough check for bed bugs, no matter how clean it looks. You're also more likely to look for signs of bed bugs when you're away from home, so they won't make the jump from the hotel room to your bedroom.

Taking away the lessons taught during your battle with bed bugs can help keep your home free of these insidious pests.