5 Tips On Determining If You Have Bed Bugs

One of the most frustrating things about getting an insect infestation in your house is often figuring out what type of infestation it is.

This is often a problem in the case of bed bug infestations. A bed bug infestation isn't always obvious. This type of infestation can develop in both clean and dirty homes, and it does not necessarily have to be limited to bedding areas. This type of insect infestation can also be found around couches, in carpets, and on other furniture pieces. 

The following are five tips on how you can determine for sure if you have a bed bug infestation in some part of your home:

Look at night

Bed bugs are typically active at night, so you probably won't have much luck catching sight of them if you're looking during the day. 

Take a flashlight out at night and inspect your sleeping area. Remember that a bed bug will typically be about the size of an apple seed and will be a brownish or reddish-brown in color. 

Inspect for traces of fecal waste

Traces of fecal waste are usually a tell tale sign of a bed bug infestation. If you have bed bugs you should eventually catch sight of small black specks on your mattress. These black specks of droppings should be about the size of a dot drawn by a marker. 

Look for skin and shell debris

Another two types of debris that bed bugs will give off are egg shell pieces and shed skin. These will look like a clear, tan, or brown flakey material that will accumulate around creases and cracks in your headboard. 

Inspect small crevices

When you're looking for an infestation, pay particular attention to small crevices in your sheets, clothing, mattress and box spring. Bed bugs will prefer to hide themselves in these areas. However, you might see them on open white portions of your mattress and sheets in the night time if you shine a flashlight on your sleeping area. 

Check for peeling paint or loose wallpaper on your walls

If you have peeling paint or wallpaper that's coming off your walls, you should check for bed bugs underneath the peeled back paint or wallpaper.

If you have a bed bug infestation, you'll likely see pests congregating in these areas. You'll also probably see growing larvae in these spots. Check for larvae with the help of a magnifying glass. 

If you notice signs of a bed bug infestation, contact a company for bed bug treatment to help rid your home of these pests!