What You Should Know About DIY Bed Bug Treatments

Whether you've returned from vacation with a few extra stragglers or if your home has been infested by bed bugs from a neighbor, finding an infestation in your home can be a devastating reality. Bed bugs are more of a nuisance than a threat of carrying disease, but because excessive scratching and secondary infections can plague you from their bites they're one guest you definitely don't want to share your sleeping quarters with.

The sooner you discover bed bugs, the better your chance of recovering your home territory. Though bed bugs can be eradicated with isolation and aggressive DIY treatment tactics, there are a still a few things you should know before you initiate your attack.

A Concerted Approach Matters With DIY Treatment  

Tackling bed bugs from multiple avenues is important with DIY treatment, because just like professional pest control services, bed bugs need to be handled with a concerted approach. No one treatment is a foolproof way to deal with bed bugs.

Bed bugs are small enough to be overlooked in plain sight and almost impossible to locate in crevices where they just love to hang out. So because it takes a keen eye to keep up with the infestation patterns, you need to incorporate both defensive and offensive actions into your operational plans.

Consider incorporating isolation techniques, frequent hot water washing of bedding materials, diatomaceous earth dusting around affected rooms, and commercial bed bug treatments into your DIY attack.

You May Still Have to Hire a Pro

If you have caught a bed bug problem early and can isolate the issue, or if you seem to have it under control with a concerted approach, hiring a professional may not be necessary. But because bed bugs are aggressive pests as well as difficult to see, you may ultimately have to hire a professional even after extensive DIY efforts. DIY bed bug treatments can often eliminate or reduce populations of bed bugs when the problem is contained, but even then, DIY treatments are limited in effectiveness.

Hiring a professional is advisable if you're dealing with an extensive outbreak, like one that has moved from room to room, and/or when you have children or pets or if you're fighting a constant battle with these bloodthirsty insects. If you're in doubt about your DIY approach, don't see signs of improvement, or have a massive war to wage in your home, you may be better off using a qualified pest control company. Search for pest control in Victoria BC for options near you.