A Traveler's Guide To Tracking Down Bed Bugs In A Hotel Room

If you travel frequently, there is one pest that is likely on your mind quite often and that is the bed bug. No matter whether you travel domestically, or internationally, you still are at risk as these biting critters can be found across the globe.

You may think a quick mattress inspection is all you need to do to determine the presence of bed bugs, but you may be surprised to learn that these bugs are masters at hiding and are not always as easy to spot as most people think. There are a few simple tricks to help track down these pests to make sure you will actually get a good night of sleep while you are away from home.

Grab the Blow Dryer

Bed bugs are actually sensitive to heat. In fact, a few pest control companies have started using heat treatment alone as a way to eliminate these pests without using chemical sprays and pesticides. If you want to know if bed bugs are hiding out in your hotel room, you will likely already have an effective tool in the bathroom to help you out.

Grab a hair dryer, set it on the highest heat setting, and blow hot air around the mattress edges. Pay careful attention to areas where bed bugs may be hiding where you cannot see, such as the headboard attached to the wall. If indeed there are bed bugs, they may come out of hiding when exposed to undesirable heat.

Spray Perfume and Turn Off the Lights

It sounds strange, but did you know that bed bugs do not like anything containing alcohol. In fact, 90 percent isopropyl alcohol can actually kill bed bugs with direct contact. However, straight rubbing alcohol is also known to stain furniture and clothing and would not be wise to use as a pest control agent.

What you can do is grab something you have packed with you containing alcohol, such as perfume or cologne, and spray it around the mattress. Flip off all of the lights, leave the room for a few minutes, and then come in quickly and turn the lights back on. If there are bed bugs in the mattress, there is a good chance they will come out in attempt to get away from the undesirable smell.

The bottom line is, when it comes to being exposed to bed bugs when you travel, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you would like to learn more about how you can track down bed bugs hiding in a hotel room, talk to a pest control agent (such as one from Best Control Pest Control Ltd) for more advice.