Keeping Termites Out Of Your Home

One of the worst pest invasions to a home is termites. They cause a lot of destruction to the structure of a home, costing heavily in repairs as a result. If you are afraid that termites may intrude into your own home, there are some steps you can take to make the conditions unfavorable so that they move on to another target. Here are some ways to keep termites from getting into your home, and what you should do if you find out they are already present.

Take Away Water

Take the time to repair all plumbing problems within your home where you have water leakage. Termites will stay in a home that has dark, moist areas. If there is no water supply, they will move to other areas. Cover all children's pools, fountains and ponds outdoors to keep termites from breeding. 

Standing water inside gutters is a big termite attraction. Get up on a ladder and remove all the sludge from your gutters so the water drains properly. Make sure the downspout is working properly, as well. If you have pooling water along your foundation, you may need to have the pitch reassessed to keep termites from breeding in the stagnant water. Call in a foundation contractor to help you determine if there is a problem with the way your home is settling.

Take Away Food

Termites gnaw on cellulose-based items, such as wood and paper. You cannot remove all the wood in your home, but you can make an effort to keep it dry, as moist wood is most desired by termites. If you have a lot of paper products, take the time to remove excess that you are not using. Recycle paper items, give books to a library and see if friends need any magazines. 

Keeping these things in stacks will just attract termites and roaches. If you want to keep these items, pack them in air-tight plastic storage bins. This will keep termites from smelling them and it will suffocate any termites that are lurking in the materials.

Remove A Problem

There are several signs that a termite problem may already be occurring. If you notice a lot of winged insects flying around outside of your home, or if you find areas with mud tubules on wood beams or around your crawl space, these are signs of termites. Other signs include hollow-sounding wood, and bubbling or cracked paint areas in the home. If you notice any of these signs, call a professional exterminator to handle termite control. It is not recommended to try household pesticides as they are not as effective in battling an infestation.