How To Kill Water Bugs

If you have any type of water around your home, such as a swimming pool or pond, you might be at risk for water bugs. These are large bugs that look like cockroaches, but are much larger in size. They can contaminate your swimming pool or areas where you prepare meals, which can cause health problems if they get inside your home. Here are some tips for getting rid of water bugs:

Boric Acid

The first product that works very well at killing water bugs in or around your home is boric acid. This is used for many different types of pests, including water bugs. Boric acid works through ingestion. Sprinkle some of the powder near where the water bugs have their nest, or where you see them walking around.

When they step into the boric acid, it will be ingested into their antennae through their legs. Make sure when sprinkling the powder, you use a very thin layer. They won't try to walk over thick piles of powder.

Cockroach Bait

Since water bugs are in the cockroach family, most pest control methods for cockroaches also work on water bugs. Visit your local home improvement store and see if you can find cockroach bait. Place the bait around the perimeter of your home or near the edge of your swimming pool where you have been seeing the bugs. They will be attracted to the bait and will try to bring it back to their nest. Once they do, they kill all of the bugs at the source.

Baking Soda

If you are looking for a natural pest control method for the water bugs, make a powder mixture with baking soda and powdered sugar. Once you have combined the mixture with equal parts of each, sprinkle it near their nest or around your home. Like the borax acid, they will walk through it and ingest it, which kills the water bugs.

Preventing Water Bugs

Killing the water bugs and their nests is only the beginning. To prevent more of these bugs from infesting your home, you need to take some prevention steps. Here are tips for preventing the bugs from returning:

  • Never leave food or drinks out overnight
  • Keep your home clean, particularly the bathrooms and kitchen
  • Always vacuum rugs and carpets to remove crumbs and debris
  • Take out the garbage every day
  • Provide good circulation in your home

If you are still having a problem with water bugs, contact a local pest control company. They will kill the bugs and provide you with excellent preventative methods. For help, contact a professional company and read more to get answers.